Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What packages do RDO offer?

RDO can host your service with one of its secure cloud partners. Alternatively, RDO can work with your IT team to host RDO’s technology on your own server. Our team will support you throughout both processes.

Can I add my own branding to the service?

Yes. You can brand all emails that are automatically sent from your service (e.g. when a party registers a case). You can also add your logo to the website.

What dispute resolution choices can I offer my clients?

You can offer negotiation, mediation or arbitration as individual choices or any combination of these choices.

How secure is RDO’s Web Software?

RDO’s web software provides for end to end user encryption for all forms of communication and file sharing. No one can access the RDO software without a username and password which must meet certain security criteria and all such credentials are encrypted. Our cloud uses secure sockets layer (SSL) with 256 bit encryption.

What will be the web address of my service?

We can offer the choice of different domains: (or) We can advise and assist you in this regard.

How much does it cost to licence RDO’s technology?

RDO charges a One-Time Set Up Fee and an Annual Licence Fee. The Annual Licence Fee is based on the number of neutrals, administrators and case credits. The Annual Licence Fee includes technical support.

Can I see RDO in a live demo?

Absolutely. We’re excited to show you how RDO can transform your dispute resolution service. We’ll take you through a mock cases so you can experience the whole process.

Do I need to install anything to use RDO?

Using RDO is very simple. You just need a web browser (Chrome, Opera or Firefox due their ability to run the latest web languages) and headphones/webcam to use the RDO conferencing tool. If you or your clients work behind a firewall and have not granted RDO permission you either need to install the RDO App or configure your firewall to allow the service to operate. We can help you with that.
What hardware and software will my clients need?

All of your users, administrators and neutrals will require the following hardware and software requirements:

Hardware: Mac, PC with minimum screen resolutions of 1024 x 786;

Broadband connection: Minimum speed of 2mbps for Video Communications

Accessories: Webcam for Video Communications, Headphones for audio communications

Software: Google, Opera or Firefox browser.

How quickly can RDO set up my service?

With minimal customisations, RDO can have your service set up in days. If you require more advanced customisations then this can take a period of weeks depending on the nature of your requirements.